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Weit Weg. Out Of Space.

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am from the north of Germany. Right now I'm in Lander, Wyoming for a whole year. I'm sixteen years old and go to school at the Lander Valley High School. [Im a senior; 12th grade!] and on the Lady Tigers Basketball team [JV].  I have training for 2 hours every day, even during the holidays. Sometimes its very annoying, but I love to play Basketball (; I live 5 minutes out of town on a little hill right next to the Rockys. It gets very cold [-30F!!!] but the sun is shining every day; it only rained twice since I'm here! I have an amazing hostfamily with 3 hostsisters, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 4 chickens.. I really like it here! It couldnt be better then it is right now! :P

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