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Last week was the strangest ever.

On Monday we didn't have school, but I had to go to practice... AND I worked on my physics project together with my hostfather..It was fun!

On Tuesday I wasn't at school either, because I was not feeling well and I still dont. So I was just laying around, watching TV and talking to Vera on the phone.

Wednesday was fun. We had our last homegame against Jackson. During the warm-up this huge boys varsity Basketball player hit me in the face and my nose started bleeding lol. BUT I was a starter for the first time and we finally even won the game (: So did Varsity! After my game the boy, who hit me in the face with a basketball, came up to me and said sorry 8438 times.. (; My nose was hurting for the next 2 days but not anymore .. :P

I can't really remember what happened on Thursday. I had school and I took a test in American History (92% :D) and uh yeah the state tournament for 1A was at our highschool. So we had lots of cops walking around...! (;

 Friday wasn't that special either.. or at least I can't remember anything.. That was the first Friday since Basketball started, I was actually in school for the whole day... It was weird.. :P

On Saturday my team and I went to Rawlins..We played our last game and won! JV only played 2 quarters because, we just had 7 players. I got to play for a whole quarter and I scored again, fouled twice and I had a lot of fun, even though this one girl started to get really mad at me and said things like "Get your f.. hands off of me!" She didn't even want to grap my hand, when I was trying to help her up!.. After Varsity was over we watched the boys varsity game and that was pretty exciting.. Our boys lost but it was One boy got hit in the face and started bleeding and the blood was all over and a little later the other guy ran into/on  a cheerleader lol .. I was laying in bed at 11:00pm.

Sunday was fine. I talked with my parents, grandparents and Eugenia on the phone and for the rest of the day I went for a walk with Claudia, Rachael and Jordan... and I signed all the papers to leave earlier than I was suppose to.. just 3 months 2 weeks and 3 days more and I'm gonna be home in Germany ((:

Today it snowed again and I'm tired. So I'm probably just gonna go to bed in the next couple of minutes. It snowed again today!!

I'm gonna be gone from Wednesday to Saturday night or Sunday for Basketball..Regionals! I won't get to play but I wanna watch "my girls" (: If we are gonna win 2 games we are gonna go to state (March 6-8)...


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