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Tonight I'm gonna take some time, to write about the last weeks.. I don't know how to start, because so many things happened.

Well I guess, I'm gonna start way back in the beginning. The most important thing that happened is, that I made my first Basketball! .. (; I was on the radio and in the newspaper, because of that and everyone started to give me hugs  after the game..Yeah I made it lol..finally!!  Im gonna look up the exact date the next time I go down into my room... :P By the way, Basketballseason is almost over and I decided to do Track & Field next. Hopefully I'm gonna survive, because I suck at running!.. :P One other thing about Basketball.. On Friday 15, 08 was Senior Night.. That means Freshmen and the rest of the younger students decorated the gym with pictures and signs for the seniors..Pretty neat! (; JV played first and after the JV game, every Senior had to go in front of everybody and got a red rose plus two white ones from the coach (: And we are gonna get Tshirts, too, but right now the machine is broken! :P There was also a homegame on Saturday, but I missed it, because I thought JV would play at 4:00pm and thats what the schoolpage told me...It started at 2:30pm .. (; So I just hung around the house for 4 days (yeaah 4day weekend!) except for today: I cleaned and decorated my room, I got my weekly shores done and I went to practice AND I finished that stupid physics project!! (Yeah I'm still in physics, because its to late to change schedules..)

On Thursday was Valentinsday and I got lots of candy and flowers with 7 ballons.. I had to walk around school with it all day... "We love you in America! Congratulations to your basket" (: My room looks so pretty right now because of the flowers (: I might take a picture tomorrow!

What else? Oehm.. I got my flight wave (17-19.6) but I'm probably gonna change it .. <3 I love it here, but I kinda cant wait to go home back to my "old life" (:

At the end something very exciting: Seether and Flyleaf will play in Casper, WY on April 9th... Im probably gonna go with my hostmother..YEAH!! (: Im excited!!! (:

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