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Last week was the strangest ever.

On Monday we didn't have school, but I had to go to practice... AND I worked on my physics project together with my hostfather..It was fun!

On Tuesday I wasn't at school either, because I was not feeling well and I still dont. So I was just laying around, watching TV and talking to Vera on the phone.

Wednesday was fun. We had our last homegame against Jackson. During the warm-up this huge boys varsity Basketball player hit me in the face and my nose started bleeding lol. BUT I was a starter for the first time and we finally even won the game (: So did Varsity! After my game the boy, who hit me in the face with a basketball, came up to me and said sorry 8438 times.. (; My nose was hurting for the next 2 days but not anymore .. :P

I can't really remember what happened on Thursday. I had school and I took a test in American History (92% :D) and uh yeah the state tournament for 1A was at our highschool. So we had lots of cops walking around...! (;

 Friday wasn't that special either.. or at least I can't remember anything.. That was the first Friday since Basketball started, I was actually in school for the whole day... It was weird.. :P

On Saturday my team and I went to Rawlins..We played our last game and won! JV only played 2 quarters because, we just had 7 players. I got to play for a whole quarter and I scored again, fouled twice and I had a lot of fun, even though this one girl started to get really mad at me and said things like "Get your f.. hands off of me!" She didn't even want to grap my hand, when I was trying to help her up!.. After Varsity was over we watched the boys varsity game and that was pretty exciting.. Our boys lost but it was One boy got hit in the face and started bleeding and the blood was all over and a little later the other guy ran into/on  a cheerleader lol .. I was laying in bed at 11:00pm.

Sunday was fine. I talked with my parents, grandparents and Eugenia on the phone and for the rest of the day I went for a walk with Claudia, Rachael and Jordan... and I signed all the papers to leave earlier than I was suppose to.. just 3 months 2 weeks and 3 days more and I'm gonna be home in Germany ((:

Today it snowed again and I'm tired. So I'm probably just gonna go to bed in the next couple of minutes. It snowed again today!!

I'm gonna be gone from Wednesday to Saturday night or Sunday for Basketball..Regionals! I won't get to play but I wanna watch "my girls" (: If we are gonna win 2 games we are gonna go to state (March 6-8)...


26.2.08 05:00


Tonight I'm gonna take some time, to write about the last weeks.. I don't know how to start, because so many things happened.

Well I guess, I'm gonna start way back in the beginning. The most important thing that happened is, that I made my first Basketball! .. (; I was on the radio and in the newspaper, because of that and everyone started to give me hugs  after the game..Yeah I made it lol..finally!!  Im gonna look up the exact date the next time I go down into my room... :P By the way, Basketballseason is almost over and I decided to do Track & Field next. Hopefully I'm gonna survive, because I suck at running!.. :P One other thing about Basketball.. On Friday 15, 08 was Senior Night.. That means Freshmen and the rest of the younger students decorated the gym with pictures and signs for the seniors..Pretty neat! (; JV played first and after the JV game, every Senior had to go in front of everybody and got a red rose plus two white ones from the coach (: And we are gonna get Tshirts, too, but right now the machine is broken! :P There was also a homegame on Saturday, but I missed it, because I thought JV would play at 4:00pm and thats what the schoolpage told me...It started at 2:30pm .. (; So I just hung around the house for 4 days (yeaah 4day weekend!) except for today: I cleaned and decorated my room, I got my weekly shores done and I went to practice AND I finished that stupid physics project!! (Yeah I'm still in physics, because its to late to change schedules..)

On Thursday was Valentinsday and I got lots of candy and flowers with 7 ballons.. I had to walk around school with it all day... "We love you in America! Congratulations to your basket" (: My room looks so pretty right now because of the flowers (: I might take a picture tomorrow!

What else? Oehm.. I got my flight wave (17-19.6) but I'm probably gonna change it .. <3 I love it here, but I kinda cant wait to go home back to my "old life" (:

At the end something very exciting: Seether and Flyleaf will play in Casper, WY on April 9th... Im probably gonna go with my hostmother..YEAH!! (: Im excited!!! (:

19.2.08 04:48

I'm sick ..

I wasn't at practice yesterday or today!

6.2.08 00:55


I'm just back from practice and prettty hungry.. I dont have much time to write much, cause dinner is almost ready.

Yesterday something bad happened. Noone told me, that we didnt have practice so I was sitting there all by myself in the locker room, till I finally called Cassie.. Nice job! (; I'm not varsity, thats why I didn't know about it .. :P

Okay I have to go eat ... See you on saturday..

I will be gone tomorrow ..

1.2.08 02:11


and cause Im bored right now, because there is still half an hour left till practice, Ive decided to write my stories in english.. cause i really really still need to improve my english!

I still suck pretty bad and time is running out: about 5 months and Im back home!


30.1.08 23:27


Ohja das wohl wichtigste ueberhaupt:

Gestern war mein "halbjahreszeugnis" in der mail.. Um es kurz zu machen: Ueberall ein A ausser in Physics and American History.. who cares? (; 

30.1.08 23:10


Endlich habe ich mal ein wenig Zeit ueber die vergangen letzten Tage/Wochen zu erzaehlen.

Eigentlich ist nicht viel passiert:

Seit ungefaehr 2 Wochen weiss ich, dass ich zwischen dem 17-19.Juni 08 in Deutschland ankommen werde, hoffentlich (; Mir passt das eigentlich ueberhaupt nicht, weil 1. das Hurricane Festival ist vom 20.-22.Juni 08 und 2. was viel schlimmer ist: So gut wie niemand meiner Freunde werden zu dem Zeitpunkt dort sein wegen der Studienfahrt nach Goettingen! Dran aender kann ich leider nichts .. -.-

Okay was gibt es sonst Neues? Am 11.01 hatten wir 2 Homegames und ich kann mich kein Stueck erinnern ob wir gewonnen oder verloren haben. Genausowenig weiss ich, wie es am 18.01 in Douglas fuer uns ausgegangen ist. Aber ich erinnere mch an den 25.01 in Wheatland und an das Ergebnis in Torrington einen Tag spaeter.. Wheatland haben wir gewonnen, Torrington verloren.. Torrington war allgemein ziemlich dumm.. Die Varsitygirls die am Rand sahsen und JV zugeschaut haben, haben rassistische Kommentare gegenueber den Natives in meinem Team abgegeben.. vonwegen nigga und so .. aber mehr moecht ich darueber nun gar nicht erzaehlen (; Gestern haben wir in Riverton gespielt, unseren groessten Feinden ..

JV hat gewonnen und Varsity verloren.. Wir haben danach dann noch Varsity boys geschaut (hrhrhr :P) und die haben gewonnen .. Das Publikum war noch nie so laut .. Dauernd kamen Sprueche, wenn die gegnerische Mansnchaft gefoult hat "You cant do that! You cant do that!" oder "aaaaaiiirbaallll aaaaaairballl" (; Ich fands lustig, aber es ist unglaublich wie die Schulen hier zusammenhalten..

Wie man sich vielleicht denken kann, habe ich ziiiemlich viel um die Ohren mit Basketball momentan .. Ich komm abends spaet nach Haus wenn wir Spiele hatten 1-2Uhr morgens!.. und ich freu mich einfach aufs Wochenende, nachdem wir in Kacey gespielt haben am Freitag ((; Wuenscht uns Glueck.. ! :P

Ohja und eine tolle Nachricht gibt es noch: Ich geh ueber Springbreak nach Tennessee und South Carolina. Claudia, Rachael, Jordan und ich fliegen nach Tennessee bleiben dort fuer 2-3 Tage und fahren dann runter nach South Carolina, wo Claudias Eltern wohnen. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt.. Schoenes Wetter, Strand, WASSER! <3 (:


Ich melde mich sobald ich wieder Zeit hab ((;

30.1.08 23:01

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